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You and your group are super kind and easy to work with and we will definitely recommend your company to any of our friends or family looking to purchase a home.

- Diane S.


Thank you for hanging in there with us for the last 7 months to make sure we aren’t paying too much for a mortgage.  If we had of listened to you instead of our mortgage company, we could have been saving money at the 1st of the year instead of now.  They (Citibank) lied to us about reducing our mortgage, whereas you patiently waited for us to come back to a company who delivers on what they practice and advertise.  As with other testimonials we read, the process of gathering all of the pertinent information was a bit of a challenge.  You and your team, especially Stephanie, made it seamless with patience and positive results. Y’all answered all of you questions, reduced our fears, and went the extra mile for us.  You and your team’s effort reduced our primary mortgage payments by approximately 25%, which allows the extra money to be utilized for other than interest payments.  Again, thanks to all who made this happen.

- Gregory L.


Thank you very much for all your work towards securing our refinancing.  It was a long process but I’m very happy with the outcome.

Thank you again for all your hard work.  It was truly appreciated.

- Thomas A.


I just found your business cards while cleaning out some drawers in my New Year cleaning binge! I wanted to let you know just how pleased and grateful I am to you for pointing me in the direction of Barbara Michael for a HELOC with Synovus Bank to pay off my mortgage.  As I close out 2012 I am so much closer to my dream of paying off this house debt and saved a ton in interest in the process.  Probably a couple more years if I only continue at my current rate until I own my home outright.  The fantastic thing is, I used to pay out $900/month to make $500 worth of principle payments, now it saves me $400/ month to make the same progress.  My mortgage was at 7.65% now it’s 3.25%.  I couldn’t be more thrilled and I have mentioned/recommended you and your business to many people.  You did great work for me back when you were at Great Western and your advice continues to be right on the money.  Thank you again.  Working with Barbara Michael was every bit as great as working with you, she was fast, efficient, and friendly and this all went down very quickly.  Thanks again for you help.  Its amazing, while my mortgage company was all too happy to keep charging me the higher interest, I only heard from them when they came to find out I was in process with this and they were suddenly so anxious to work with me…I never even responded, didn’t feel they deserved it…best wishes for a very blessed year to come, thank again.

- Larry D.


I just refinanced my house twice in the last 10 months with a no cost loan that has saved me initially $250 month and then with the second refinance another $150/ month.  There was absolutely no cost to me to do the loan and because of that when rates dropped another 3/8 point they called me back and saved me the additional $150.  The only pain was gathering up all the financial info, but you save $4800 per year so it was worth it.  I know this sounds like an ad on the radio, but since I just did it all of you can take it for what it is worth to you.  I am also sending this to some department heads if someone under them could use the service.  He also does HARP loans, which are for people who owe more than their house is worth.  He just saved someone in my office $350/ month house payments so they can afford to stay in their house.

- Monica O.


It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with you and your employees over these last ten years.  We could not ask for better service and accommodation.  Certainly, we will recommend you to anyone that we encounter who might needs such services.

- Steve


I want to thank you and your office once again for helping me finally complete the refinance of my home in order to comply with my divorce decree.  The experience with OJ Mortgage and the previous bank I was dealing with to get this done was like night and day, and it has been a very pleasant experience working with you!

- Karen L.


Thank you very much for all your hard work on getting our loan approved and closed.  We appreciate everything your team did for us and I hope we were not too much of a pain in the rear.  I understand you guys have a tough job, especially in today’s lending environment and I appreciate everyone’s attentiveness and professionalism throughout this process

“I have served with Stan Blacker in our local Rotary Club for many years. He has consistently provided our club astute analysis from a financial perspective. His innate ability to review numbers and strategy, as well as his willingness to put service above self, are apparent from his actions for the benefit of our club and the community at large.”

- Kevin B.



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